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Customer, Employee, Community
Loyalty Rewards Program Free!

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Customer, Employee, Community
Loyalty Rewards Program Free!

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Save Lives – Prevent Car Crashes


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Premium Press Release Distribution

Customized Press Release Writing,
Design and Distribution

  • Professionally written and targeted to your community / audience
  • 94% delivery rate to our media partners and outlets
  • Drive engagement and enhance relationships
  • Exposure to 75,000+ journalists, 500,000+ influencers and bloggers
  • Your Press Release(s) Permanently Hosted Online
Charleston SC Press Release
  • USA Today
  • ABC
  • CW
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • Fox
  • iHeart Radio
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Yahoo
  • Ask
  • Clear Channel

OnMyWay Sponsor Banner – A Perfect
Message For
Any Website

  • Three-fourths of people (75%) expect Social Responsibility
  • Brand Association, something positive people relate with your brand
  • Trust is gained through protecting your community
  • Real Time Results show the impact of your campaign
  • CSR Programs Improve Employee Morale and Customer Loyalty

Support Real People, Real Families
And Real Stories

  • Social Responsibility connects families, organizations, schools, governments and companies in supporting their communities.
  • As a Nonprofit, we work directly with families to make a difference and keep their loved one’s stories alive.
  • Because it’s the right thing for your organization to do!
Support Real People

Geo-Fenced Mobile Contests And
Sponsored Safe
Driving Rewards

  • Location-Based rewards that drive your community’s campaign
  • Travel Contests spread the word and help save lives
  • Spotlight in the OnMyWay App main feed, 100% verified users
  • Safe Driving Cash Reward Sponsor it feels good to do good...
  • Expand Reach, share in all your media, who doesn’t like a free trip?
Geo-Fenced Mobile Contests

Display In All Ways, Always! - Let your
Community Know You Are OnMyWay!

  • Lights, Camera, Action separate your brand from the pack
  • Unique Custom URL, display your sponsorship to any digital service
  • Interactive QR Codes anyone can join your group with just a click
  • Show your support, we have digital and
    in-store signage for you
  • Branded Merch because it makes a memorable impression
  • And, They Told Two Friends, and So On and So On...
Display in All Ways Display in All Ways Display in All Ways

Leaderboards... Create Healthy
Competition... We develop
and launch!

  • Build Ambassadors and increase traffic and participation
  • Motivate, inform and incentivize your people to build brand loyalty
  • Automated reward fulfillment
  • Our Incentive Programs are uniquely designed for your team
  • Unlock a lucrative acquisition channel through word-of-mouth

Great marketing is tough. Simplify
with OnMyWay
Co-branded Swag

  • Your Brand and our gear. Perfect together.
  • Unique, High-quality corporate branded merch & accessories
  • Large volume orders. Print with no minimums and no limitations
  • Branded Merch because it makes a memorable impression
  • Need help? Our Merchologists are ready to assist you
Great marketing is tough

Social Responsibility Mission Control

Simple Platform Dashboard.
Your all-in-one solution.

  • Campaign Management Keep everything in one place
  • Track new visitors and monitor new leads
  • Accessible on mobile and desktop devices
  • Seamless integration and custom API access
  • Advanced security and admin features

Analytics – Showing Only 100% Real
Verified Audience

  • Analytics KPI Dashboard
  • Simple and intuitive OnMyWay Analytics reporting
  • Showcase your positive results and all your hard work
  • Run a marketing performance campaign directly to OnMyWay users
  • Custom reports and visual chart features


High Traffic Areas – Get The Message Out
And Reach A
New Audience

  • Billboard Design we make it spotlight your brand
  • The Right Place at the right time, billboards are hard to miss
  • Digital billboards we have any option you need
Billboard Billboard

Your Branded OnMyWay Message,
Right At The Pumps...

  • Advertising at a gas pump is a great way to reach drivers
  • Your message is in front of the consumer for
    5-8 minutes
  • There are roughly 170,000 gas stations in the United States
Gas Pump

I Heard You Today On The Radio. We
Create, Schedule And Manage Your Ads

  • Bring the Power of Radio to Your Business
  • Our team of audio pros will produce a customized ad to get you heard
  • Our network reaches more people every month than Google or Facebook
  • Over 100 Million unique monthly listeners in the US, in both English
    and Spanish
    , with more always being added to further your reach
IHeart Radio

Social responsibility is no longer optional


will pay more for products
& services from socially
responsible brands.


prefer a socially conscious employer and
are 32% less likely to quit an employer
with social impact programs.

78% OF Investment Professionals

Increased their investment
in CSR-focused firms
in a recent study.

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